(Pogonias Cromis)

*State Record: 96 Lbs.

Sometimes confused with the Sheepshead, this close relative of the redfish can grow to weights of over 100lbs.  While the average size is much smaller, even these “pups” can put up a great fight on light tackle. Feeds primarily on crustaceans so crab flies are a no brainer.

Tips on catching Black Drum

Best Tide: Slack high and slack low. 60-75 degree water temps.

Best Time: Fall & Winter

Best Fly Rod: 7wt.

Best Fly: Crab fly and dark short Clouser Minnow

Best Fly Line:  Floating

Best Leader: Standard 8’-9′

Where: Flooded grass flats, oyster mounds at high tide

Method: Slow steady strip