(Pomatomus saltatrix)

*State Record: Approx. 22 Lbs.

The bad boys of our local waters, Bluefish are famous for destroying flies, lures, leaders and anything else that comes in contact with those famous teeth.  When they are actively feeding, anything that comes within a few feet is sure to get clobbered.

Tips on Catching Bluefish

Best Tide:  Middle of incoming through flood High and early outgoing. 60-70 degree water temps.

Best Time: winter-springtime

Best Fly Rod: 7wt. or 8wt.

Best Fly: Large Chartreuse/Whit Clouser minnows, weighted baitfish patterns

Best Fly Line: Clear Intermediate  15’ Sink tip with floating line

Best Leader: Standard 8’-9 with Wire bite tippet

Where:  Inlets, creek mouths, 5-25 ft. of water

Method: long fast stripping