(Caranx hippos)

*State Record:Approx. 57 Lbs.

One of the most underrated game fish in the state. These bruisers are known to bust fly rods if you don’t fight them the right way and readily take flies of all types.They grow to weights exceeding 30 Lbs. Combine that with there propensity to school and you have a perfect game fish!

Tips on Catching Jack Crevalle

Best Tide: middle of the outgoing and incoming. 65-80 degree water temps.

Best Time: Spring & Fall. Morning & late in the day

Best Fly Rod: 8wt.- 9wt.

Best Fly:  Top water, Gurgler, Poppers, EP Minnow

Best Fly Line:  Floating

Best Leader: Standard 8’-9′

Where:  inlets, creek mouths, open bays

Method: fast retrieve