One of the main keys to a great fishing adventure is preparation! Knowing what you will need and what your host provides will help give you the best experience possible for an enjoyable day on the water that you’ll never forget. That is our mission! Also please visit the videos on this website that will help you understand more about preparing for the environment and also appreciate what NE Florida has to offer. Capt. Rich will make every effort to make it the best for you! This includes showing you the proper casting techniques to get you hooked up and giving you the right equipment that is rigged and ready to go for our type of local fishing. The trips also include some top of the line fly rods and reels by Sage and Nautilus. Feel free to call me with any additional questions.

Flats Skiff Fishing


What’s included:

  • Fishing Licenses
  • SeaTow Insurance
  • First Aid Kit
  • Fly rods(bring your own fly rod if desired)
  • Local effective Flies
  • Striping Baskets if needed
  • Leader if needed(must have loop on end of fly line)
  • Spinning rods(optional)
  • Artificial lures
  • Cold Water &G2 Gatorade
  • Trial Mix Snack
  • Lunch for 3/4 or full day charters only
  • Insect Repellent
  • Sun Screen Protection
  • (1)Extra pair of Sun Glasses
  • (1)Extra Rain Jackets
  • (1)Wading Boots-Size 10- 11

What to bring:

  • Lunch to your liking if desired
  • Quick drying/Sun protective shirt
  • Breathable Hat (Baseball or Bream style)
  • Polarized Sunglasses
  • Face Mask for maximum sun, bug, wind & cold protection if desired
  • Wading Boots (light weight for flood tide trips in summer & fall) or possible waders during winter. Check with Capt. Rich.

Additional Boat trip notes:

  • Please travel light. No large bags. Storage is limited
  • Please inform me if you will have your own rods so I may plan the boat space accordingly
  • Please inform the Captain if you have any special medical conditions and need any special care or precautions that should be addressed

General Fish Catch Notes:

  • Catch and Release fishing is highly recommended
  • You are welcome to keep any fish you catch for a meal
  • No fish cleaning is offered
  • Redfish catches allow (2) per day – per angler between 18″-27″ long. Pinched tail rule is allowed. Per 2015 FWC regulations
  • Spotted Sea Trout catches allow (6) per day – per angler. (5) allowed between 15″-20″ and (1) over 20″. Per 2015 FWC regulations
  • It is not recommended to keep a Sea Trout over 20″ due to being in a female breeding status
  • Southern Flounder catches allow(10) per day – per angler over 12″ long. Per 2015 FWC  regulations


Kayak Fishing


What’s included:

  • Kayak and all Equipment, PFD Vest, Whistle, etc.
  • First Aid Kit
  • Fly rods(Own Fly rod if desired),Local effective Flies
  • Leader if needed(must have loop on end of fly line)
  • Spinning rods, Artificial Lures
  • Cold Water, G2 Gatorade & Trial Mix Snack

What to bring:

Florida Saltwater Fishing License (CLICK TO PURCHASE), The bare minimum is a Hat, Polarized Sunglasses, Rain jacket, Fishing boots, waders during winter,
a PFD Vest with whistle attached if in your own personnel kayak.


 Your Kayak Trip Checklist:

  • Lightweight or Breathable Waders/Boots during colder months(Nov.-April)
  • Quick drying pants or shorts during warmer months(May-October)
  • Wading Boots all year around(best is high top, thick soled with high padded side wall for good foot protection on Oysters shells)
  • Long Sleeve Shirt(Breathable fishing style)
  • Breathable Hat (Baseball or Bream style)
  • Rain Jacket (Breathable is best like Simms)
  • Extra Set of Dry Clothes for your comfort home
  • Insect Repellant
  • Face Protection(See photos at at top/bottom)
  • 30+ Sun Screen
  • Polarized Sunglasses(a must)
  • Fishing Gloves for protection (optional)
  • Florida Saltwater License(a must, See link above)
  • Lunch if desired


Wading boots are highly recommended for your safety!

What To expect:

Average full day trip will usually cover anywhere from 2 – 5 miles in the saltwater tidal marsh. Sometimes paddling in wind and current is common depending on where and type of fishing we do. There are also non-tidal areas available to fish.

 Fly Fishing Gear Recommendations:

  • Rod: 9′ long – (8 Wt. is best or 7 wt. as a 2nd choice and a 9wt.)
  • Lines: Full Floating line (Rio Bonefish Quick Shooter or SA Mastery Redfish Taper) and Intermediate Sinking 15’ Clear Tip/ Floating Line (SA Mastery Wet Tip or equal)
  • Intermediate Type Sinking Tip (approx. 15 feet) line
  • TIP:Use Lee Wulff Triangle Taper fly lines for achieving longer casting distances.
  • Leaders: 8’- 9′ of 20lb. commercial tapered leader. Alternatively, you can make your own with three sections of line(Triplefish brand is best at butt & mid section!): 4-1/2 feet of 40 to 50 lb. butt, 2-1/2 feet of 25-30lb. mid. section and 2 feet of florocarbon 20lb. tippet. Click here for VIDEO Instructions.
  • Flies: Clouser Deep Minnows – Size 2 to 1 in Chartreuse/White, Black/White and all Black. Seaducer – Size 2 to 1 in Black/Purple, Chartreuse/White and all black. Shrimp and Crab patterns size 2 – 4. My own custom flies can be furnished if desired.

More Answers:

Fly and light tackle spin fishing is offered and always an option for your trip. No bait fishing is offered. If you should decide to keep the fish. No fish cleaning is offered.

Note that most kayak guided trips cover approx. 3-5 mile of paddling in the saltwater marsh estuaries and backwater creeks systems. Be advised that wind and current conditions will always be present and vary during different parts of the day, month and year. Be prepared for possible physical demands. Most trips are planned around low tide conditions and paddling and fishing around the oyster bars and mud flats bottom structure. These are prime active times and conditions for catching fish and will give you a true sense of the natural beauty and habitat. You can also have the opportunity to see all sorts of wildlife including birds, mammals and reptiles species. Visit my Photo/Video Galleries for more details.

Important Note: Wearing a Hat, Sunglasses and Face Masks while fishing is highly recommended for your own safety and protection from any possible hook penetration, weather, etc.

For Video of Capt. Rich’s complete leader instructions please click HERE

*Capt. Rich’s Custom tied Flies are Available for Purchase at $30.00*

Includes 4 different local effective custom tied flies


Capt. Rich’s Fly Rod Recipe for Fly Fishing Northeast Florida

Rio Bonefish QuickShooter Floating & SA Mastery Series Wet Tip Clear Int. fly lines, 20 lb. Flourocarbon tippet

& Wiggle Minnow, Rich’s HD Clouser, Mutant Gurgler, Kwan Shrimp, Kwan Crab, EP Mullet flies.


Standard Recipe


Grass Flats Recipe