(Euthynnus alletteratus)

*State Record: Not currently eligible by the FWC. Unofficial weight is approx. 17 lbs.

A.K.A. Little tunny, Albie, Fat Albert, Bonito

Tips on Catching False Albacore

Best Tide: Beachfront with calm conditions. Tide does not matter. Water Temps. 70s degree range.

Best Time: Mid-morning through afternoon. Summer and Early Fall.

Best Fly Rod: 9wt. and 10wt. at 9’ long.

Best Fly: Rich’s Albie Minnow, Gummy minnow, Small EP Mullet.

Best Fly Line: Floating with Clear intermediate  15’ sink tip or full intermediate line.

Best Leader: 9’ -10. long with min. 20 lb. Fluorocarbon tippet.

Where:  25’-60’ of water , 1-3 mile of shore.

Method: Fast striping retrieve casted in to bait schools.