(Paralichthys albigutta)

*State Record Approx. 20 lbs.

This strange looking fish is a welcome addition to any catch list.  Usually found over mud or sand bottom, they can also be targeted near structure or at the mouths of tidal creeks.

Tips on catching Southern Flounder

Best Tide: Middle of the out going to low tide and 1-2 hours of the incoming tide. Water Temps. 70-80 degree range.

Best Time: Summer and Fall

Best Fly Rod: 6wt. and 7wt.  at 9’ long

Best Fly: Rich’s HD Clouser Fly, Fox Clouser, Black Clouser, Kwan Shrimp, EP Mullet

Best Fly Line: Floating with short 30’-35’ head

Best Leader:8’-9’. long with 15- 20 lb. Fluorocarbon tippet

Where:  Sand bottom, clear water, creeks around small creek outflows dumping into bigger body of water

Method: Slow striping retrieve bouncing on bottom over sand bars and mud flat edges