myfwxLogo(Scumberomorous maculatus)

*State Record:Approx.12 Lbs.

Spanish Mackerel invade our waters seasonally and make a great target for Fly Anglers. Their willingness to take a fly and high speed runs make for an afternoon of constant action.  If there are Spanish Mackerel in the area, small flashy baitfish patterns and high speed retrieves almost guarantee success.

Tips on catching Spanish Mackerel

Best Tide: Moving clear water. 60 –70 degree water temps.

Best Time: Spring and Fall

Best Fly Rod: 7 wt.

Best Fly: Small baitfish patterns, Chartreuse, white and blue Clouser Minnows

Best Fly Line:  Clear 15’ intermediate sink tip with floating

Best Leader: 9’ ft. with wire bit tippet

Where:  Beach from, inlets, waterways

Method: Fast stripping action