myfwxLogo(Megalops atlanticus)

*State Record:Approx. 243 Lbs.

The Silver King!  This is the largest species that we target and they will put even the heaviest tackle to the test.  Jacksonville plays host to schools of migrating Tarpon during several months of the year.  Big tackle and heavy tippets are a must.

This is the most difficult to catch in northeast Florida

Tips on Catching Tarpon

Best Tide: Moving water at middle of tide

Best Time: Morning

Best Fly Rod: 10wt. to 12 wt.

Best Fly: Large bait fish patterns, EP Mullet in black/purple

Best Fly Line: Floating and clear intermediate sink tip

Best Leader: 9′-10′ long with min 60 lb. bit tippet

Where:Beachfront,  Inlets, large creek bends, points

Method: long steady strips